About Easy Visa Sweden

Helping you the right way

14 months and 6 days. That is how long it took from me to get my Residence Permit Card to work and live in Sweden. Before that, I visited Sweden as a tourist 2 times with a 6 months tourist visa during a 2 year period.

During this process, I started learning more about how the visa process in Sweden works and wanted to help other Thai nationals who want to make the same move to Sweden as I have done.

We can now help you with getting a tourist visa in Sweden, getting a work permit and apply for you to actually move and work in Sweden with your Residence Permit Card.

Thank you for your visiting EasyVisaSweden.com and we hope that we can be of service one day!

Amy Palaphon

Founder and CEO

Why Choose EasyVisaSweden.com

We pride ourselves with being open and transparent with everything about our service!


We have been there

Having someone that actually been through the exact same process and that knows how the waiting feels, can be a great comfort when waiting for the visa process.


Fixed Prices

For our standard services, we can always offer fixed prices to make a standard application so you always know how much it will cost.


Support all the way

After starting the application process, you are always welcome to contact us to check in or just say hello.


It's all in the details

Making an application for a Residence Permit Card and getting it approved, is one day but what happens next?



Once you get your long-term visa approved, perhaps you need help with looking for a job or applying for a school? We can always help!


Preferred language

We can explain in Thai, English and Swedish so there should not be room for any language misunderstandings.

We make your visa process as easy as possible

EasyVisaSweden.com will guide you through the process of getting a tourist visa to Sweden or moving and working in Sweden. We are always happy to answer any questions and give you the best possible service.