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How we can help you with your visa to Sweden?

EasyVisaSweden.com offers a wide range of services. This is everything from larger services such as moving you and your family to Sweden to help you getting a ID-Card from the Swedish Tax Agency. Should you have any other particular service in mind, you are always welcome to contact us with your question.

Tourist Visa to Sweden

A tourist visa is normally valid 3-6 months in Sweden. You have to show that you can financially take care of yourself or have a sponsor.

Residence Permit Card

Getting a Residence Permit Card (Work + live in Sweden) in Sweden takes up to around 19 months to be approved. This is normally valid for 2 years and can be extended if approved.

Work Permit in Sweden

A work permit in Sweden is normally done be an employer who is looking for foreign staff. This gives you the possibility to work in Sweden with the company who employed you.

Getting a Personal Number

After getting your Residence Permit Card, we highly recommend getting a Swedish Personal Number (Personnummer). This done via Population Registration (Folkbokföring).

Apply for an ID-Card

The fastest way of getting an Swedish ID-Card is via The Swedish Tax Agency (Skatteverket). Note that your Residence Permit Card cannot be used as an ID-Card.

Bank Account Opening

It is getting more and more difficult to open bank accounts in Sweden and also then access to Bank-ID. We can guide through the process of opening a bank account in your name.

Apply for SFI-School

With your Residence Permit Card that is valid for 2 years, you can get free Swedish School to study the Swedish Language. We can help you to apply for the right school.

Marriage visa Sweden

A marriage visas can expedite the process of getting a Residence Permit in Sweden which means that you can move to Sweden faster if you are married than if you are not.

Necessary documents

Sweden loves paperwork and there are some necessary documents that you need to know of. Did you know that you actually need to hand in a paper at the airport passport check when leaving Sweden on a tourist visa?

Our Process

We Handle It All


Initial Inquiry

You start by sending your inquiry to us which states what visa you are looking to get. The most common ones are Tourist Visa to Sweden and Residence Permit Card in Sweden.


Answer questions

Depending on the visa you are applying for, we are going to send you some questions. You need to answer these correctly and also add copies of passport, prior visa stamps, financial statements and so on.


Application is made

After getting all the necessary information you, which can be a lot, we will summaries your information and make a correct application. Depending on the visa, the information we need varies.


Waiting time

You got to have patience when dealing with the Swedish Migration Agency. We can not speed up the process or have any effect on the final decision from the Swedish Migration Agency.



A decision from the Swedish Migration Agency is made in your case. If your information is correct and the Swedish Migration Agency approves your application, you can enter Sweden as planned.



We will deliver the decision from the Swedish Migration Agency to you. Depending on the decision, you are can enter Sweden as planned or your application needs to be adjusted.

We make your visa process as easy as possible

EasyVisaSweden.com will guide you through the process of getting a tourist visa to Sweden or moving and working in Sweden. We are always happy to answer any questions and give you the best possible service.